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Ortigas and Company The Viridian Business Lounge

  • A Business Lounge where you can work in peace and quiet and also relax if you want.

Ortigas and Company The Viridian Gym

  • Geared towards health and fitness for anybody who is looking to get on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

Ortigas and Company The Viridian Sky Garden

  • Escape to nature and see green. The Sky Garden provides the relaxation and calmness that nature can offer.
  • Sky Gardens located at levels 21 and 22 is a double height outdoor space that can serve as a small private garden for the residents. In contrast to the Amenity deck on Level 3, this space is intended primarily for quiet relaxation and lounging.
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Even though the developers, Ortigas and Company, ensured that residents of the Viridian at Greenhills would be conveniently located to all that they may need, they still included many features in the condominium tower and those amenities, all first class and among the best in any condominium anywhere, enhance the quality of the residential units ensuring that they provide residents with the potential for a very sophisticated and relaxed lifestyle. Those first class amenities include:

  • A 25m, infinity swimming pool with 5 lanes
  • A kiddie pool
  • An al-fresco dining area
  • Yoga studio
  • Fitness gym
  • Locker rooms
  • Games room
  • Day care center
  • Bar and lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Sky gardens
  • 2 levels for commercial retail outlets

Most of these amenities, except of course the retail outlets and the sky gardens, are located on one level of the tower, making them easily and quickly accessible to all residents by using one of the high speed passenger elevators.

The infinity pool and the kiddies pool are very popular amenities among residents as the waters can other relaxation in a way that is hard to duplicate and the convenience of the locker rooms means that you can easily move from the pool to the gym or yoga studio, or vice versa, without the need to go back to your residence to change.

The games room includes areas for both Mahjong and dominoes, both very relaxing activities that can be enjoyed with other residents whilst the bar and lounge ensures residents can take a cocktail in a quiet atmosphere without having to worry about traffic or parking and then possibly follow the cocktail with some al-fresco dining.

Of course, any family will know the benefits of having a day care center on their doorstep and also the stress that will be saved by being able to buy their retail goods without bustling through the crowds.

The Sky Gardens of course provide residents the opportunity to, not only, get fresh air without venturing on the streets but also to take advantage of the panoramic scenery its high elevation provides.

All these things add to a resident’s quality of life and so few people, not just in Metro Manila, but anywhere in the world, will experience a quality of life comparable to the potential offered by The Viridian at Greenhills.

In the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui it states that anyone that is living an able, intelligent and wealthy lifestyle is living in the belly of the dragon and some followers of this ancient practice have recently referred to the Viridian at Greenhills as being the “belly of the dragon.”

Safety and Security

Regardless of how high your quality of living may be, it will mean nothing if you do not feel safe and secure or have to worry for the safety and security of you family. To allow residents to enjoy peace of mind and feel safe whilst within the towers, Ortigas and Company not only provided each residential unit with individual pass key cards but also put in place 24 hour security on the building.

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